Central Sterile Processing Department
& Operating Room Layouts

With extensive experience in hospital design and healthcare facility planning, the STERIS Project Design Team – comprised of regionally based Project Design Managers and a specialized group of designers - helps create department and room designs throughout your healthcare facility. You can access templates which can be used as a basis of design for the Operating Room, Hybrid OR, and Sterile Processing Departments below.

Room Layout Templates


Room Layout Templates for the Operating Room

Modern Operating Rooms grow in complexity as new devices and technologies enter the clinical environment, adding challenges to Operating Room design. Today's hospital planners and architects are tasked with creating an OR with surgical technology connectivity, enabled for robotic assisted surgery, and suitable for a range of budgets. You can access templates for common Operating Room layouts below.

Procedure Room

 10038B 15 (Procedure Room) Model


Robotic Operating Rooms

 10038B 14 (Robotic Operating Rooms) Model


Ortho Split

 10038B 11 (Ortho Split Mount)

CVOR Split Mount

 10038B 10 (CVOR Split Mount) Model


General Center Mount

 10038B 7 (General Center Mount)


General Center Mount, No Boom

 10038B 6 (General Center Mount No Boom)

General Split Mount-
2 split mounts at each shoulder

 10038B 8 (General Split Mount)


General Split Mount-
2 split mounts at head and foot

 10038B 9 (General Split Mount)


Room Layout Templates for the Hybrid Operating Room

Hybrid Operating Rooms are advanced procedural spaces that combine a traditional OR with an image-guided interventional suite, allowing for complex, advanced surgical procedures such as Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR). You can access templates for common Hybrid OR layouts below.


 9985c1r1 (GE IGS730 Hybrid)



 10038B 13 (Philips Flexmove Hybrid)-Model



 10038B 12 (Siemens Hybrid) Model


 9273b1 (Toshiba Dpi Hybrid)

Room Layout Templates for the Sterile Processing Department

Supporting the daily activities and procedures at a hospital, the Sterile Processing Department (SPD), also known as the Central Sterile Services Department, is the area of the hospital or healthcare facility where cleaning, decontamination, and sterilization of equipment, medical devices and surgical instruments takes place. To aid in Sterile Processing Department workflow and design, you can access templates for SPD designs below. The departments are scaled by number of trays to be processed per day.

 Sample SPD up to 200 Trays - Single Door


 Sample SPD up to 300 Trays - Single Door


 Sample SPD up to 300 Trays - Double Door

 Sample SPD up to 400 Trays - Single Door


 Sample SPD up to 400 Trays - Double Door




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