Room Layouts

Our professionals have extensive experience in hospital design and healthcare facility planning. STERIS Project Design Management Group helps create lean workflow environments throughout your facility. 
To help you with your design process we have provided the following room templates.

Available Room Templates:

CSSD Central Sterile Hybrid OR OR

Sample CPD. up to 200 Trays.pdf

Sample CPD. up to 300 Trays.pdf

Sample CPD. up to 400 Trays.pdf

Sample CPD up to 600 Trays.pdf

Decontamination Rooms

VaproQuip RL Door Config.pdf

VaproQuip LR Door Config wSoiled Hold.pdf

VaproQuip LL Door Config.pdf

9985c1r1 (GE IGS730 Hybrid).pdf
10038B 13 (Philips Flexmove Hybrid)-Model.pdf

10038B 12 (Siemens Hybrid) Model.pdf

9273b1 (Toshiba Dpi Hybrid).pdf


Procedure Room
10038B 15 (Procedure Room) Model.pdf
Robotic OR
10038B 14 (Robotic OR)-Model.pdf

Ortho Split
10038B 11 (ortho split mount).pdf

CVOR Split Mount
10038B 10 (CVOR split mount) Model.pdf

General Center Mount
10038B 7 (general center mount).pdf

General Center Mount, No Boom
10038B 6 (general center mount no boom).pdf

General Split Mount- 
2 split mounts at each shoulder
10038B 8 (general split mount).pdf

General Split Mount- 
2 split mounts at head and foot
10038B 9 (general split mount).pdf