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Mobile Solutions

Mobile Sterilization Solutions, a fully integrated, mobile SPD allows for a turnkey process to continually support the OR without disruption. Anticipating your needs, Mobile Sterilization Solutions protects the integrity of the Healthcare process during expansion, construction or unforeseen disasters.

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Mobile Sterilization

Mobile Sterilization

Equipped to provide high standards of performance, productivity and compliance – Mobile Solutions' SPD leaves no gaps in reprocessing – from decontamination through sterilization – it allows you to operate at 100%. Expanding to 3X its transport width and outfitted with STERIS's arsenal of central sterile service solutions, your staff and process can continue to operate seamlessly within compliance - through information, product solutions and lean workflow.

Mobile Efficiency

Mobile Efficiency

Evaluating your needs and circumstances is crucial to a smooth project. As a Mobile Solutions Customer, STERIS conducts site evaluations on your current space to review bottlenecks, workflow and case load capacity, all aimed at improving efficiencies.

STERIS partners with your architects, planners and facilities managers to ensure optimal placement and facility requirements.

Mobile Support

Mobile Support

Mobile does not mean drop-off, set up and leave. STERIS continues to provide value beyond product. STERIS Sales, Service and Clinical Specialists are there to support your needs throughout the entire process. From in-servicing, technical service, to best practices...STERIS provides solutions and services to help you maintain your level of care.

Commissioning and Decommissioning of Mobile Solutions are part of our full-service. From transporting the unit, set up, support of utility connections, to removal, Mobile Solutions has you covered.

Mobile Sterilization Solutions In The News

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A New Solution Mobile SPD

A New Solution Mobile SPD Brochure

Mobile SPD Layout


  1. Caviwave® Pro Ultrasonic Washer
  2. V-PRO® maX Low Temperature Sterilizer
  3. AMSCO® 400 Medium Steam Sterilizer
  4. Reliance® Vision Single Chamber Washer/Disinfector
  5. Ergostat® Prep and Pack Tables
  6. Sterilizer loading carts
  7. Washer loading carts
  8. Ameriwater
  9. 3 Bay Sink
  10. ProConnect
  11. Wall mounted computer bracket provided. Customer to provide computer and monitor.
  12. Steam Generator
  13. AMSCO Pass Through Assembly

Cleaning Chemistries & Systems:

  1. Acu-sInQ Dosing System
  2. Prolystica® Cleaning Chemistries

Designed & Implemented with AIA Standards and Guidelines in Mind.

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